Sunday, 11 August 2013

A day out

I cant believe the weekend is already gearing down to meet the dawn of a new week. To make sure I didn't spend the entire weekend inside (I should be working on assignments !) I accompanied Mr P on a trip to Siblyback Lake.

He likes to go wake-boarding there. 

They have a cable thingy that goes around and around, dragging extremely happy folks behind it. 

I stayed on terra firma this time.
(I stay in terra firma EVERY TIME with wake boarding, as I don't remember being very good at it, and I have images of face plants into the water, watched by an audience literally hanging of your every move).

Maybe next time :-)

The cable park is pretty cool though....

Mr P likes it A LOT.

But if you prefer your engagement with water to be from a distance, you can always bob over to the cafe for an ice cream, and a bit of a sit down :-)

The day was overcast, but somehow my face feels warm from the sun. It was a good day spent getting ready for Sundays evil twin - commonly known as Monday.

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