Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day.....


I had scrapped today as a useless day. A write off.

Remember I told you my bank account got hacked ? Well, I called today for an update because my bank had promised to call me yesterday, but they didn't. I spoke to some numpty in a call centre who refused to help me as I failed his security, while all the while I am trying to give him the reference I was given when I originally called them last week. Then I managed to track down another phone number where they DID recognise my reference, PHEW ! but they had not made claims for all of the fraudulent entries, so I had to go through the whole sorry Q and A rigmarole again.

I get that they have to ask all these questions, I get that they are busy and may forget to call a customer back after they said they would. But, I'm not sure the lady that I spoke with has ever heard the term 'innocent until proven guilty', I sure felt guilty ! And she kindly told me that if their enquiries meant that the fraudulent entries were not fraudulent, I would have to pay any refunded monies bank. Brilliant !

I tell ya, its enough to make a gal cry. Or at least change banks.

But I didn't (cry) - and then this came !

I opened the card - so sweet !!

And look what was inside.....

I totally love them all !!

So, thank you Casey for sending me a little slice of American sunshine, on an otherwise rainy day.


K xxx

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