Tuesday 16 June 2015

If a picture paints a thousand words

I am alive :-)

Seems that these days I prefer taking pictures of random stuff to writing on my blog.

It has been a busy time, I just graduated with 2.1 BSc in Natural Sciences which has been super intensive over the last few years, especially when combined with a full time job. And, although I have been sewing (lots), I have not been in the mood for blogging. Ah well.

Instead I have lots of fun using Instagram - and have added a link to the side bar if you wanted to call by. If you do stop by, please be sure to say Hiiiiiiiiiiiii so that I can check you out there too  :-) I have found lots of my favorite sewing bloggers there and its a great way to stay in touch.

I'm sure my blog is not totally redundant; I have enjoyed the writing of even these few sentences, and I have been sewing more than ever. But for now, I prefer the pictures to the words.

Especially on a sunny evening where I have something cold and frosty waiting for me.

Cheerio for now
K xxx

Monday 3 November 2014

More crochet

Today feels much more like winter.

Cold, wet and dark. 

I can't complain though as it's been beautifully sunny and mild here of late - perfect weather ! Plus the onset of the more seasonal wintery weather makes me even more keen to crochet.

I love the pinks and greens together - and I'm pretty happy with all my squares so far - bargain basement and all.

I can't wait to have enough squares to make a blanket - maybe sometime in the New Year :) 

Tuesday 28 October 2014

FO - Spring greens

Yes I know that its almost as far away from spring as you could possibly be here in the Northern Hemisphere, but I didn't get my camera out in time when this dress was fresh off the production line (maybe 6 weeks ago ?)
Oh well.

How about a nice slice of happy clothing with your winter instead ?   :-)

(Damn that hair and makeup department always on strike when you need em !)

When I was sewing this dress up (Emery bodice, pleated skirt FYI) I was thinking 'oh myyyyyy this is HIDEOUS). But actually, I think its my favorite dress - and I wear it often. Its the kind of dress that makes you feel happy when looking at it - and SUPER happy when wearing it.

I really have got the bodice to fit just as I like now, so I can see many more of these dresses in the future. I love dresses, so easy to throw on and look like you made an effort.

Winter never frightens me either as I just wear thicker cardigans, slips and woolly tights !

Please forgive these photos - the quality of them is as bad as the backdrop ! But this was the lightest part of my home at 11.30 this morning and beggers cant be choosers - right ?  :-)

Saturday 25 October 2014

FO - Wild thing

I have come to the decision that you can never have too much leopard print.  Easy tiger ! Grrrrrrrr !

I love this dress soo much. It is in constant rotation.  I need to make another once post haste, I really do.
Have you noticed that leopard print goes with so much ! It really is like a very exciting neutral.

I have to admit that this dress has also been finished for a bit - but hey ho.  I have such a backlog of makes I need to try and get onto my little corner of the www.

You may have noticed that I am trying to post regularly (now that I have finished my degree) - but you might find the chatty-ness takes a while to come back -  just gotta ease myself back in gently :-)

Although I am taking a few (quite bad ! I'm sorry) photos, I am still waiting for the words to come. All in good time.

Friday 24 October 2014

FO - inspiration dress

I finished my inspiration dress.

Obviously no where  near as lovely as the real dress, but I am super happy with it.

Its getting dark and cold so I wont really be able to wear it until the spring, but I am wearing it today because, well, you know, its a new dress.

Not sorry for the headless photos.
I'ts rare that I get the inclination to stand in front of the camera to photograph finished items, so I just went with it. As it happens both hair and makeup were on strike today - win some, lose some :-)

I am pretty happy with this dress. Its an Emery bodice with a pleated skirt - IMO far more flattering on a larger tum than gathers.

Lets hope the inclination to model arrives pretty soonish as I have so much to share - and I would like a record of my makes, if nothing else.

Well, I am off back to the sewing machines as they are all set up and ready to sew - and I have a day off  :-) I intend to spend it eating home made marmalade, sewing and watching Poirot. Bliss.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

A new hobby

I have taken up crochet.

I only learnt in the last few weeks using you tube videos as my guide - and I can confirm that I love it ! So much faster than knitting, and I just love seeing the squares come to life in my hands. 

So far I have only purchased yarn from the bargain buckets, as I didn't want to spend much while learning.

I can't wait until I am confident enough to part with a little more moolah choosing colours that make my heart sing. 

Rest in peace Oscar de la Renta

Like many others, I was saddened to hear of the passing of my favourite fashion designer, Oscar de le Renta.

If I had the means I would dress in his designs every single day. The man knew how to dress a woman. 

His passing, and his spring / summer 2015 collection have spurred me to make a dress inspired by the legend himself. 

        Dress by Oscar de la Renta S/S 2015

Of course my dress will be no where near as beautiful as Mr de le Renta's, but I feel happy paying my own little homage to such a legend. 

Goodnight Oscar de la Renta, and thank you for the joy that you brought from sharing your beautiful garments and vision. Sleep well xx

Friday 26 September 2014

Finished ! :) Phew !

Pickings have been pretty slim around here of late. 

But ! As of midday, this past Tuesday 23rd September I officially submitted my dissertation and I have now finished working on my degree. 

Yay !!! 

So um I drank a LOT of this to celebrate :) 
I'm not sorry. 

Now I have to get through the nail biting bit. 
Waiting for the results - I hope I didn't pop the corks too early ! ;) 
I should know by early December. 


Saturday 10 May 2014

I'm in love

Ahhhh those heady first flushes of a new romance. Your heart sings, you have a permanent smile on your fizzog and your productivity soars. 

Meet my new love (sorry Mr P - but don't worry, you are still number 1!)

I can't tell you how much I love my new (old) machine - swoon.

I have wanted this baby for - EVER, but no way could I afford one :( wayyyyyy to expensive ! But ! I trawl eBay now and then, in the hope one would come on. A few weeks ago I was just minding my own business on eBay, as you do, and this popped up ! It had like 20 mins left and was on for more than I could afford, but there was a 'make me an offer' button. I looked at the item history and there were like 20 previous offers...... I was wondering if it was even worth adding one to the pile. I took a deep breath, offered as mush as I could without having to worry about bankrupting myself, and held my breath.

Well you can guess the rest, seeing as she's sat right in front of me ;) 

I really really really couldn't believe he accepted my offer, and with minutes to spare - the machine of my dreams was to be mine ;) literally half the price of a new one, and came to me after a full service. 

This is my second machine from eBay, my first was my serger - and fingers crossed I have never had any drama with either. There are decent honest sellers out there, I'm happy to report :) 

Anyway this machine has turned me into super stitcher. I have made no less than 5 dresses since I got her, and after practicing with the button hole maker, I'm looking forward it making some tops. My singer just didn't cut the mustard with button holes, for some reason it could never go through the fabric, and each time I tried it just left a hot mess (me !) and a very angry looking button hole. 

Even Mr P was excited by the new heavy machinery in our house, and couldn't resist putting his foot on the accelerator. I might get him to set up a blog, so he can show off his makes ;) 

Sunday 27 April 2014

Still sewing :)

Feeling the love for Emery right now :) when it's finished later today it will be number 2.

did make a bunch of changes to the pattern - raised the arm to hide bra straps ;) lengthened the bodice a smidge, created a pleated skirt, pinched out excess gape around neck and removed armhole gaping created from having a large bust. As usual I didn't put in a zip (not sorry !) as I never use zippers In shop bought dresses as I always just pull em on over my head. If I'm not going to use it then there is no point in having it as far as I can tell. ;) 

I'm such a bad blogger.... Since my last post I have made : (and this is more to remind myself !)

2 x Anna dress
1 x Anna and Gertie franken dress
1 x boiled wood pencil skirt 
1 x boiled wool simplicity 2451 skirt 
1 x green cord simplicity 2451
1 x Emery dress (second to be finished today) 
3 x Elisalex bodice/Gertie pencil skirt franken dresses
1 x red Gertie pencil skirt

Out of the above list I wear regularly : 

The 2 boiled wool skirts
The green cord skirt
The 2 Anna dresses
The Emery dress
3 x Gertilex dresses

would like to get some pics up at some stage - I have a week off in a weeks time, so maybe I can get something photographed then :) 

This is when having a blog is awesome, to remind it's owner what they liked and what worked, and what didn't. 

I am also trying to delve into new patterns and shapes. I didn't use the emery pattern skirt, I have been playing with pleats instead, which seem to be more flattering on my curvier figure than a whole load of bunching up on the waist from gathering. It's feels odd though I must admit, having extra fabric in a skirt - which poofs around me, (in a not unpleasant way), when I sit down. I have found the Anna gored skirt very flattering and it's a shape I shall revisit someday soon, once my affair with Emery has ended.